With the recall petition in full swing in WI the lefties will go to any means to attack the right.  The latest is a quite disturbing one to me.  Earlier this week Miles Kristan attacked Governor Scott Walker’s two sons in a Facebook status.  

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This story is especially disturbing to me.  You don’t go after two high school students who are supporting their father.  You just don’t do that.  In the Facebook conversation you can see some people saying that Kristan has gone, “too far,” and that is exactly right.  But, what is especially disturbing is that you have people commenting that he, “hasn’t gone far enough.”  I cannot even believe to imagine what would happen if the roles were reversed here.  If Republicans were attacking a Democrat Governor’s children, (which they never would) all of the lefties would be making it a HUGE deal.  

Some will make the argument that this is just one in a big crowd, but it isn’t true.  Most of these leftist activists have no control.  A prime example of this were the mobs at the capital earlier this year.  I feel that, again, if the roles were reversed conservatives wouldn’t have been “occupying” the capital building like these lefties were.  A more recent example was at the November 19th anti-walker rally at the capitol.  

While all of the Anti-Walker protestors were screaming anti-walker chants, etc. at the top of their lungs there was a small group of Walker supporters walking around the capitol grounds.  In the video clip you will hear the anti-walker protestors yelling at the Walker supporters.  It didn’t stop at words.  If you scroll to 22:00 of the video you will see a Walker supporter gets coffee thrown in his face.  It is just ridiculous what these lefties come too if things aren’t going perfect for them.  

Here’s the Video

My main point is that the people on the left will do anything without thinking twice about it.  I commend Scott Walker’s family for putting up with these losers who have no self-control.  

- Gun Lovin Conservative


Wisconsin: Castle Doctrine To Be Signed By Governor Scott Walker Next Wednesday


Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) will sign the Castle Doctrine into law next week, on December 7. His signature will make it law immediately.


Sources out of Madison are reporting that Governor Scott Walker will sign into law Assembly Bill 69 on Wednesday, December 7. Commonly known as the “Castle Doctrine,” AB 69 would provide essential protections for law-abiding citizens who defend themselves and their families from a criminal looking to do them harm. Once signed, this legislation would go into immediate effect.

“Castle Doctrine” establishes the presumption that an individual who forcibly enters ones home, business or occupied motor vehicle is there to cause death or great bodily harm, and allows the use of force, including deadly force, against that person.  This bill also eliminates any “duty to retreat” so that law-abiding citizens no longer must turn their back on a criminal and try to run when attacked.

Finally, AB 69 would provide that any person who uses force, authorized by law, shall not be prosecuted for using such force and also prohibits criminals and their families from suing victims for injuring or killing the criminals who have attacked them. In short, it restores rights to law-abiding people and forces judges and prosecutors to focus on protecting victims. AB 69 was introduced by state Representative Dean Kaufert (R-55) in the Assembly and cosponsored by state Senator Van Wanggaard (R-21).

This is an awesome thing for Wisconsin and her law-abiding citizens. We should always have the right to use absolute force - even if it means death - against those who seek to do us and our families harm. Criminals be warned. Thank you, Governor Scott Walker. Wisconsinites can now defend themselves without worry.

- Daniel Bruski

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Adam Carolla goes off on the “everybody gets a trophy” generation and he tells it like it is.  Despite all of the vulgar language it is completely refreshing because it is exactly what these Occupy people are.  You have got to hear this audio.  

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Last Friday was indeed Black Friday and there were many people out to get the latest and greatest deals.  Many started at Walmart at 10 pm, while others waited until the traditional Black Friday time that started at the crack of dawn.  Well, no matter the time or place, people were out to shop and to buy items that the wanted.  However there was a different crowd in Dayton, OH who had a different idea in mind for Black Friday.  

Yes, protestors from the Occupy Dayton camp decided to go to Walmart and Target and harass the shoppers with their ridiculous, unending chants and speeches.  I don’t know how any of these losers didn’t get popped in the jaw by any of the shoppers.  I don’t know how these idiots can be against corporations and big businesses such as Target and Walmart when they employ the so called, “99%.”   I don’t quite understand what they want people to do.  If people stop shopping at these corporations then these corporations will lose money and will have to layoff their workers.  They don’t understand that business create jobs, not the government.  All the government should do is create a friendly business environment so that these corporations and big businesses can hire more employees.  But, these mindless zombies don’t understand that.  They just want everything given to them.  


Harry Reid Says Dems Will Make Blaming Bush Their 2012 Campaign Strategy…


The Senate’s top two Democratic and Republican leaders agree on at least one thing: Democrats will try to make the 2012 election about George W. Bush.

After occupying the White House for three years, Democrats will try to blame everyone but themselves, including the Bush administration, for the sour economy and jobs crisis, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Wednesday in a floor exchange with Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Reid, a Nevada Democrat and close ally of President Barack Obama, conceded that McConnell wasn’t completely off base.

“I do think the presidential election will be based on what took place in the Bush administration, how we tried to recover from that, how things have been exacerbated because of the tsunami and European debt crisis,” Reid said.


They’re still riding this dead horse?  Good grief!

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The Hypocrisy Just Keeps On Eating


Michelle Obama dined at an exclusive restaurant in Washington last evening. Remember her talk about us needing to substitute french fries for carrots? Well, she enjoyed an edible chocolate sculpture. Hypocrisy is again at work.

- Daniel Bruski

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With the Newt Gingrich’s recent surge in the poll it appears that Gingrich, Romney, Cain have the greatest possibility of winning the GOP primary election.  That means that Ron Paul will have to make a decision whether to run as an independent. 

Although Paul has said that he won’t run as an independent if he fails to win the GOP nomination, I do not quite believe that he wouldn’t reconsider.  Some say that that would be great because they like Ron Paul, but they also dislike our current President.  In order for Barack Obama to be ousted from office the GOP has to win over the majority of the independent voters.  That is the problem.  With Ron Paul being a moderate republican he appeals to many independents and could run as an independent.  However, if Paul runs as an independent he will split the vote against Obama and Obama will most likely be re-elected.  The Democrats will vote Obama no matter what and the Republicans will vote for the GOP nominee.  But, the independents are the ones that could vote either way, and if Paul runs as an independent he will gain most of those votes and the GOP will more than likely lose their chance at ousting Barack Obama, and our country can not stand another four years of the spending frenzy that is the Obama Administration.  


Money spent by NYC and Oakland because of OWS: $10+ million

Money spent by all cities in US because of OWS: $17+ million

Seeing a OWS Protestor Cry: priceless


Well, the Recall Walker Effort is in full swing here in WI.  The lefties are out trying to get their 540,000 signatures by Jan. 17.  I believe that they will get the signatures to force a recall election, however, it is not an eminent victory for the union liberals.  

With the demonstrations that we saw in the late winter and early spring earlier this year it seems as though that Walker does not stand a chance.  I do not believe this to be true.  Scott Walker has done some great things during his short time in office so far.  He has balanced a $3+ billion budget deficit, hasn’t raised taxes, has created an environment for the private sector to add 40,000+ jobs, and has made public workers contribute to their pensions saving the taxpayers money.  With all of that being said I don’t know how you can recall a Governor that has done so much good for a state that was in so much trouble.  I should note that the other option to balancing the budget was to lay off thousands of public workers.  Also, he campaigned on the things that he has done so far, so don’t tell me he just did this out of the blue.  

A problem for the other side is that they don’t even have a candidate to run against Walker yet.  I don’t think that their liberal/progressive schooling taught them to take a step back and look at the situation before they do something.  They are so eager to get these signatures that they have forgotten that their is still an election after the signatures have been collected.

My main point is that even if they do get the signatures, the anti-walker activists will lose in the end.  It has been almost 9 months since the protests at the capitol and things for the moderate voters have cooled down.  I believe the vote comes down to the independent and moderate voters.  We already know that the hardcore liberals and union workers will vote against Walker(which most did in the first place), and almost all republicans will give their vote to Walker.  It comes down to the Independents.  I think that they will realize what Scott Walker did was necessary to keep the state a float.  Considering that Wisconsin voters had enough common sense to vote Scott Walker into office last November I believe that they still have that common sense.